At Second Wind Consultants, we take pride in the level of knowledge gained over the many years of dealing with difficult business problems. As such, we feel it’s important to give away as much free content as possible to our readers to assist them in navigating their own issues. All the eBooks below are completely free, and packed to the brim with useful information designed to guide small business owners on their journey to success.

Saving Families One Business at a Time

saving families

Saving Families One Business at a Time, Tales From the Front Line. This is a compilation of some of our best case studies. We had these successful clients interviewed so you can gain some greater insights into our process and see what kind of results we can bring you.


Mitgation Without Litigation

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Take advantage of this step by step guide, entitled Mitigation Without Litigation, that will lead you in the right direction of settling your outstanding credit card balances once and for all, for pennies on the dollar. Yes, you can settle your credit card debt by paying less than what’s owed, without the need for attorneys or debt consolidation groups. All you need is the knowledge of how the industry works, and how best to approach this difficult predicament.

Millions of Americans are struggling to keep up with their credit card payments, and when they default, there is little to no free advice as to how to handle this unfortunate situation. Most debtors will consider bankruptcy or look to hire a credit counseling or settlement company. Mitigation Without Litigation outlines the process that settlement companies follow, allowing you to duplicate their process, achieve better results and save money by avoiding fees.

This guide offers insights as to:

 Who is a good candidate for credit card settlement and what options are available?
 What legal actions will creditors take against me and what legal protections do I have against my creditor’s actions?
 How to create a budget to help you raise a “war chest” of funds to settle with.
 How to deflect creditor’s collection calls, talk to your creditors and eventually make settlement offers.
 Moving forward after debt; how to rebuild your credit rating and live without credit after settling your debts.


Four Pillars Turnaround System

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The road to success is closer than you think. Let the Four Pillar Turnaround System help you achieve it before you ever thought possible. This system is derived from many years of experience and designed based on today’s realities, in our current economic and business environments.

The Four Pillars:

1. Management by the Numbers, Downsizing and more

2. Reinvention: Finding your sweet spot. Profit over gross revenue. Niche marketing.

3. Internet marketing, social networking, creating community, blogging, YouTube, Google AdWords.

4. Debt workout.

Due to the radically changing times, you must develop new skills, strategies and objectives to adjust to these changes.

The Four Pillar system will guide you each step of the way.


Debtor Protections by State

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This document, entitled Debtor Protections by State, details the state specific protections afforded by local laws. These protections are designed to prevent creditors from financially preventing a debtor to adequately survive.  As what is considered adequate varies by state, so do the laws offering specific protections.  This guide covers five specific areas of protection:

Homestead Exemptions – Homestead exemption is a legal method of protections designed to protect the value of the homes of residents from property taxes, creditors, and circumstances arising from the death of the legal owner of homes.

IRA ExemptionsMost states fail to provide regular individual retirement accounts and Roth IRA’s with the complete protections afforded to 401k accounts by the federal government.  These exemptions will show which states offer partial or complete protection of these funds in the event a creditor sues you.

Cash Value of Life Insurance ProtectionThis column details what protections any accessible life insurance policy may have in the event a creditor sues you.

Annuity ProtectionThis column details what protections any accessible life insurance policy may have in the event a creditor sues you.

Wage Garnishment – Wage garnishment is federally prevented from being greater than 25% of your gross earnings after taxes.  Many states additionally provide greater protections to their debtor and are listed in the final column.