Business Debt Settlement & Restructuring

Bankruptcy Alternatives

As an alternative to bankruptcy, you can reorganize your business, protect your personal assets and engage your creditors in a business debt settlement discussion to reduce your debts by up to 95%. We do this for clients every day. You can see examples of our work here and can read about all the various debts we can handle including:

SBA loan workouts
Offer in compromise (“OIC”) settlements
SBA loan modifications & deferments
Commercial secured
Unsecured loan settlements
Merchant Cash Advance Debt Settlement
Defaulted commercial mortgage debt
IRS 941 Payroll taxes and State Tax Liabilities
Property & Equipment Leases
Mortgage Debts


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A business facing reduced revenues can only make up for the strained cash flow in a few ways. Usually, the business owner will reduce overhead first, then cut their salary or put additional assets into their company. If these measures are not enough, the business usually will begin to slow pay trade creditors and eventually incur larger debts with their creditors.

These business debts can have a very detrimental effect on the company if lawsuits start flying or if an essential supplier cuts your credit off so you cannot order goods or services that are critical to you. In these situations, you need a plan of how to deal with mounting debt in order of highest priority.

The good news is that the majority of trade credit is unsecured. You have a lot of leverage with these creditors, and you can fight your way out with the right strategies. A combination of debt settlement, reorganization and recapitalization might be necessary for your business. These are all services we provide and can assist you with in the event your business payables get out of control.

We will show you the right strategies for prioritizing your troubling business debts, stop creditor harassment and remove the debt from your business with our reorganization and debt settlement strategy.

Request a consultation today to learn more about what we can do for your business if you are struggling with unsecured debt.