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We provide struggling business owners with an alternative to bankruptcy, so they can eliminate debt and preserve their valuable assets.

Having resolved over $100 million of our clients’ debts we have helped more than 1,000 business owners with severe debt problems throughout the United States to avoid bankruptcy and destruction.

Second Wind Consultants Inc. is a visionary force whose principal mission is saving debt-stressed small businesses from failure and helping them not only survive but to emerge and succeed once again. Second Wind Consultants Inc. has an “A+ Rating” with the Better Business Bureau. 


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Our Success Strategies

The economic downturn stemming from the Great Recession of 2008, has been a huge destructive factor in the small business world. During this devastating financial crisis, we helped hundreds of business owners who were on the brink of disaster with our successful debt restructuring and turnaround strategies. Although the overall economy has improved since the crisis, we still see far too many small business owners continuing to experience financial destruction from the closing of their doors while attempting to dig their way out of unsupportable debt and overhead. The business environment is still not friendly to the small business owner. Our strategies may be your last line of defense and a strong offensive strategy in this fight for survival. Let us help you avoid bankruptcy and the loss of your financial well-being.

There are no bankruptcy or legal procedures involved, but rather creative and efficient business strategies that we have designed and developed for over thirty years to help small businesses survive and succeed. We know how to resolve defaulted SBA guaranteed loans, secured bank loans, vendor debt, lines of credit, and more. For a fraction of what you owe, we will preserve what you have and bring you to success.

We have heard again and again that our claims are too good to be true, but they are real. Hundreds of our clients are now enjoying success after being on the brink of destruction and are a testament to how good we are. We work hard to amaze our customers. Read the case studies with REAL settlement letters we have obtained.

Call us today at (413) 584-2581 for a no-obligation teleconference and let us evaluate your situation to explain what our strategies can do for you. Or, request a visit. We’ll arrange it all. We will fly you into our offices, with no obligation or commitment. Just a willingness to learn about who we are and what we can do for you, so you may personally inspect us and our strategies and get to know us better.

We know what is at risk – everything. Come visit, investigate, and then let us guide you to business success.